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Upon Reflection ~ Jane Changes

466064865“No, is a tough word to hear, yet time has taught me it is sometimes the best word. I look back I can see a pattern of those moments leading me to where I am today.  This is where I am meant to be, where I want to be. For the only way to move forward is be grateful for where you are.” Jane Changes

As a parent we want the best for our children, we long to see them reach their goals.  When they get the no to the college they want to go to, the break up from who they thought was their lifetime love or the rejection from a job they were certain they had, it is hard to not feel for them and their perceived loss.

The key here is perceived loss.  I can tell you from my past every set back, rejection or no has led me to something else.  Had I not had that experience I wouldn’t be where I am.  I embrace life with new eyes today, for I see through the eyes of reflection.  This allows me to know there is something else going on around us.  It also reminds me how I have responsibility for my life.  My thoughts, habits and actions are shaping my life and if I am not going in the direction I want to go I need to do something I haven’t been doing.

Reflection allows us to consider what changes we can make and how we can adjust our thoughts, habits and actions to better align our life.  As I consider so many lessons life I have learned in life, the lesson of reflection remains one of my favorites.  This lesson allows us to learn from experience we can directly relate to.

Take time to reflect, document the happy moments in your life and the lessons you have learned.  Your past is your friend when you learn and grow from it.  Life is a beautiful journey enjoy it.

Jane Changes



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