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Recognizing My Gifts ~ Jane Changes

140156748“To often we focus on our mistakes of the past, unaware how to turn what went wrong into a lesson on how to adapt and change.” Jane Changes

This is one of my gifts.  As a child I witnessed countless outbursts of anger, mean and spiteful words meant to hurt the other person and tear them down.  Determined to be anything other than this I became a constant witness to my own life.  Going back and replaying situations, considering how it could have went differently.

With age I learned how to see these types of encounters as lessons I am meant to learn.  I am always open to change, not fixated on “I am this way” and it is up to the world to change around me.  Instead, I want to be like water, moving, adapting and shifting.

This does not mean I do not stay grounded to my values and morals.  Instead it says I will not force my way of thinking and feeling upon others.  Forcing them to conform to who I am.

We are each born with gifts, it is in recognizing these gifts along the way I have been able to adapt, to learn and grow an a person.  Today, I look back with gratitude for those things which have brought me to where I am today.  If I had not taken time to notice my gifts I would not have been able to alter my course and feel this same sense of love, peace and happiness I do today.

 Jane Changes



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