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Jane Changes

Time To Step Back ~ Jane Changes

Take time to step back

Take time to step back

There are moments when we feel overwhelmed by life, by situations and sometimes by our own thoughts.  Unfortunately, we can become our own worst enemy.  We replay a comment in our head and read into the one comment all the ways someone of something is against us until we have torn ourselves down.

There is a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” 

The thing is in order to realize we are allowing others to do this to us or we are doing this to ourselves we need time to be still.  To honor the frustration, the hurt and anger.  To push through all of our emotions and realize we don’t have to own others words, we can reject them.  However, once we accept their words we begin to add to those word and slowly tear down our chances of rising above those words or of changing.

In order to grow as individuals we must be willing to listen, to hear and consider how we can change.  This doesn’t however require us to own those words as if they represent our entire being.  Yet, when we are already in a state of doubt it is very easy to allow a simple critique at work to turn into something much larger.  If we aren’t careful we become a person in need of constant reassurance.  This will create a ripple affect throughout our entire life if we allow it.

When someone critiques you or makes a negative comment ask yourself “if he said I was purple would it make me purple?” The answer is “NO” it would not.  However, if you are told you need to communicate more clearly on your paperwork so the orders are processed the first time you have the power to change that and should consider how much better it would be for everyone including you.   Yet if a friend tells you following a dream is a stupid idea don’t personalize those words and take away from the conversation that you are stupid.   Instead, listen ask questions and come to your own conclusion.

In every situation we have a choice how we handle it, and should always consider the outcome we are tying to get to.  However, we shouldn’t personalize everything until we have taken away all of our own confidence. You are powerful, beautiful, important and loved.  Remember this.

Jane Changes



2 thoughts on “Time To Step Back ~ Jane Changes

  1. I loved the story very much! It really makes you think about yourself. And it will help me get to my GOAL IN LIFE!!

    Posted by Juanita Gonzalez | April 16, 2014, 3:58 pm

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