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Life’s Up Moments Can Lift Us In Times Of Doubt ~ Jane Changes

Be your own inspiration

Be your own inspiration

“Let your past be the wind in your own sails.” Jane Changes

If I were to think of the one thing I wouldn’t mind being known for it is inspiring others.  The problem with people that inspire others is they rarely have people around to inspire them.  We find inspiration in our success and when we hit a pot hole we become our own worst enemy and start to pick ourselves apart.

Here is the problem in doing this, we find what we seek.  If we seek our own shortcoming we will surely find them.  However, the reverse is also true, if we seek our accomplishments we will find those.  For me I start small. What challenges have I risen above that I never thought I would have to face let alone overcome?  What positive impact have I had in the lives of family and friends?  Am I generally a kind person?  This alone has an impact far greater than we could ever measure.

I have had challenges others have never considered.  I have also had blessings which other could never relate to.  Our lives are unique and because of this we must overcome our natural instinct to compare who we are, where we are and how we got here to anyone else.

I honestly love the way I see the world.  I know if I can avoid the pot holes or at least minimize my time in them I am constantly seeking to grow as a person.  I seek change by action.  Some may judge me for my approach and the reality is that defines them much more than it defines me.

I may not be where I plan to be, yet as long as I am working towards where I want to go I have a chance of getting there.  When I am grateful for my life as it is today and take steps I can control towards my dreams I am creating a wind which will lift my sails and guide me.

We all have days when we want someone to lift and inspire us.  If that doesn’t happen take time to inspire and lift your own sails.

Jane Changes





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