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Jane Changes

Pivotal Lessons ~ The Scariest Monsters Live In Our Minds ~ Jane Changes

78463818One of my first pivotal moments made me aware of how we all have a tendency in our mind to rewrite the past.  Our stories seem to grow and a win suddenly was an enormous victory or a scrape on a knee becomes 20 stiches.  I had started writing at an early age and often my poems or observations would come after some moment of chaos.  So I decided to go back and re-read the musing I had in the past.  Overtime I found these journals could serve as a yard stick of my own personal growth.  Additionally, I found they kept me honest with myself.

Too often our mind creates these monsters in our future.  Events, situations or people who our out to get us.  We convince ourselves that the universe is conspiring against us.  We question why no matter how hard we work someone is always more lucky than us.  We have the short end of the stick.  Our life isn’t fair.

Here is what I know; monsters only exist in our minds.  The belief in which anyone is working against us is true; those thoughts are us working against ourselves.  As long as we are the victim we are incapable of change.  We have given our power away to fear, doubt and worry.  To make matters worse we are the only one that can take back that power.

Life knocks us down from time to time.  However, in most cases we had the power to alter the situation if we are being totally honest with ourselves.  That requires us to be accountable, to own our situation and not have someone or something else to blame it on.

There is the realization we have been looking for.  Only in taking responsibility for our life can we alter the course it is on and ultimately the amount of happiness we allow into our life.  The Scariest Monsters live in our mind.  If you were to go to 100 people who keep journals and record their fears and doubts you would find that all 100 had more things they worried about which never happened then things which did.

Record your hopes and dreams; focus on those gifts you are grateful for which money can’t buy.  Learn from the real past and stop looking for sympathy.  Life is a gift if you are willing to appreciate the wonder in a day.

Jane Changes



One thought on “Pivotal Lessons ~ The Scariest Monsters Live In Our Minds ~ Jane Changes

  1. It is excellent advice.

    Posted by solomon abera | April 4, 2014, 5:14 am

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