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Jane Changes

Jane’s Story Behind Facing Demons and Chasing Dreams

Welcome the new day with gratitude & hope

Welcome the new day with gratitude & hope

“We either appreciate the new day and see it as an opportunity to do things better, different or we curse it and awake with frustration.  Either way we control our view and our actions by how we decide to see the day.” Jane Changes

I have navigated most of my life by the desire to learn and grow.  When I felt overwhelmed I sought out books, tapes, CD’s and now Audible and iTunes speakers which allowed me new insights and perspectives.  I have made a point of documenting key aspects of my own life for the purpose of learning how to navigate through the unexpected.  I was raised by a woman who taught me the power of close friends who allow you to talk through life’s challenges. I was either born with or blessed by the continuous companionship of hope.  Knowing it was always there even in the darkest of circumstances.   All of this has brought me down a path of some amazing moments.

One of my desires is to be a writer and when I think about the stories I want to share I am constantly drawn to the idea of sharing the insights I have learned along the journey so far. Many writers study others peoples books and work and build out their story from there.  For me, since the majority of my life has been the study of how to apply the countless lessons available to us from various experts such as Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and Paulo Coelho to my own life, I am sharing what I have learned from my life lessons.

Over the next few months I will share with you some of the moments that have impacted my life and allowed me to learn and grow.  This collection of stories is all about how facing demons has allowed me to chase my dreams.  My hope and dream is maybe one of these stories will somehow give you a new perspective on life.

I am starting with pivotal moments which have altered my life.  These are moments which gave me a new perspective or insight into life which I hadn’t previously had.  If you follow our blog you know I have already started sharing some of these pivotal moments with you.

Thank you for stopping by and reading and please share your thoughts and stories with us.  You never know the impact your story could have on helping another person reach their dreams.

Jane Changes



4 thoughts on “Jane’s Story Behind Facing Demons and Chasing Dreams

  1. Sounds like my journey ! I would like to follow you, the thing is I have not recieved a friend that I can share this with. I have a wonderful husband to share with though, so I feel blessed by that!

    Posted by Susan | March 29, 2014, 3:40 pm
  2. Well.. by some twist of fate (or not), I’ve lost my place. Lol.. but if you happen upon these pieces & puzzle them together, then it’s meant to be. Otherwise I am still just “thinking out loud.”

    Bluntly, I grew up with beliefs based upon “the Christian” perspective of self- sacrifice. So I had a lot to learn regarding self-love. My first aspiration was to reconcile what love truly was; how love pertained to a “wrathful god” and how a loving father would sacrifice his son! The basic premises of the religion as it were, never set right with me.

    I made a lot of loving friendships along my journey around the world, from all walks of cultures & traditions, and opposing belief systems. No way was “my god” condemning of these loving others, nor “wrathful” in any way!

    So on point, I learned of self – love as opposed to self – sacrifice.

    My next ‘goal’ after facing the virtual world ‘out there,’ was to gain closer understanding, thereby intimate connection within the love of my own people; family & friends. A major goal was/is to attract truly authentic, intimate love into my life. Who better to practice upon then with those I already love!

    I’ve found something profound along this endeavor. I was, as I was, not understanding of self-love, because that is where I can’t from; these “my beloved” were not understanding of this acceptance & unconditional type of love.

    And so I’ve stayed here, among my people; family & friends, to learn of acceptance and unconditional. And this endeavor has ‘pro seeded’ like first a ripple… which became a wave. .which is still growing in velocity.

    I want to ‘take my people with me.’ Not through coercion or instruction, not through “teaching” anything. Just as I become more aware, they do. It truly is as if we are all connected through love.

    I think, I see (I do not know, nor understand), but multitudes of willing ones, making every effort to push past their obstacles, or believe their way through faith, hope and imagination, towards their dreams. (I do believe in all these), “yet the greatest of these is love.”

    I don’t want to “get there” if it means leaving my beloved behind. I don’t want to “be there” with a broken heart because my loved ones are not there to share in the triumph with me.

    I also have a belief in “come what may,” that there is a greater force guiding that loves all those within my sphere, as much as I am loved! My sphere involves all those brought to me. I truly love and appreciate those great teachers; Dyer, Chopra, Ghandi (Christ, Buddha, Krishna) whomever bestowed with ‘world renown,’ and who knows where a simple journey began will lead too!

    I just know for me, although I truly had to learn self-love first, that learning unconditional love & acceptance of others began right here, in my little world (still learning…& always): those meant to enter my sphere, will do so in perfect timing. Those to teach & mentor me…those I will receive from and give to.

    I wish Godspeed for you & much love all along your journey.

    Posted by CherylAnn | March 29, 2014, 6:00 pm
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